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Best Practices: First Time Logging In
Best Practices: First Time Logging In

Top things to do when receiving the login information for the platform.

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In order to get the program started on the right foot you need to make sure to take care of the following in the system.

  1. Password - Make sure to change the password from the default

  2. 2FA - Add your cell number to the 2 Factor Authentication

  3. Usage - Add messaging credits to the system

  4. AutoRecharge - Decide if auto-recharge is needed for the account

  5. Users - Add any users that need access

  6. Integrations - Set up all integrations immediately

  7. Keywords - Add any additional keywords that would be needed to the system

  8. Contact Card - Enable the contact card on the account. If you do not have one make sure to request one

  9. Messages - Add any welcome message series or start creating messages to send

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