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My Account > Account Settings > Users
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The Users section provides administrators with the ability to manage account users. It is important to maintain the user base and remove any people that do not need access. Each user can be issued different access levels.

To add users click the Add New User button and fill in the required information.

  • Name: User's full name

  • Email: User's email address - if the user is already listed on another account you will not be able to use the same email address.

  • Billing Permission: Select this option if the user needs access to the account information.

  • Permissions: There are 3 permission sets that can be used:

    • Admin - Ability to have full access to the account including billing information.

    • Manager - Ability to manage campaigns but will not have access to users, billing information or API information.

    • Limited Manager - Ability to manage only the campaigns assigned to the user. No access to any other aspects of the system.

To edit a current user's information or permissions, simply click their name. If you wish to remove the user click the Delete User button.

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