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My Account > Account Settings > Usage
My Account > Account Settings > Usage
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The Usage section contains the details of the messages sent and received, which carriers had inbound and outbound messages and the cost of your sending.

The Current Balance of the account displays the current messaging credits balance only. This does not include any subscription costs. You can add credits by clicking Add Funds.

Under Auto Recharge you can set up the account to automatically increase the balance once it reaches a certain dollar amount. For example, once your sending credit balance falls below $50, you could automatically have your card charged to bring the balance back to $500. Auto Recharge is recommended because sending from your account will be disabled once your sending credit balance falls below $0.

The lower section of the page displays the overall Usage for the account. By default, the current month's usage summary is displayed. To see a different month, choose the desired month from the dropdown and click Filter Messages. You can also see the full details by selecting that option on the banner.

Under the Payment History link you will see all the messaging credit charges on the account. You can filter by month and you can also Download a printable receipt for that month.

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