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Evaluate the success of each SMS marketing message you send to subscribers. Learn more about the sent message report feature from Tatango.

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It's important for you to know the results of each message, which is why Tatango gives you a plethora of metrics to evaluate the success of each message you send.


  1. Select the list where the message was sent from that you'd like to view the report.

  2. Click the View Report button next to the message you would like to review.

  3. In the report you will see the following information:

    1. Message Name: name of the message

    2. Started Send: time the message started sending

    3. Finished Send: when the message finished sending

    4. Estimated Completion:

    5. Recipients: number of subscribers the message was sent to

    6. MMS Sent: number of subscribers that received the message as an MMS

    7. SMS Sent: number of subscribers that received the message as an SMS

    8. Est. Message Parts: how many messages were included in this text

    9. Unsubscribes: how many subscribers opted-out of your list by responding STOP to this specific message

    10. Successful Messages: number of messages that were received successfully by your subscribers

    11. Bounced Messages: how many messages were not received by subscribers due to them bouncing

    12. Waiting on Carrier Confirmation: this number means that the subscribers carrier has not sent confirmation back to our system to show it has been sent

    13. Link Tracking: if you used link tracking in the message then this will show the details of who clicked the links

    14. Coupon Codes: if you used coupon codes in the message this will show the details of the codes

    15. Mobile Carrier Breakdown: tells you the different wireless carriers of your subscribers that received the message

    16. Fallback SMS Message: shows you what your SMS fallback message was on MMS messages

    17. Segmentation: shows if any segmentation was used on the message

    18. Clone Message: if you would like to clone this message then use this button

At the bottom you will see the replies received on this message. You can find more information about message replies here.

Exporting Data

For instructions on downloading this report, click here.

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