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The font is different when styling is applied. Why?

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Tatango provides users the ability to add bold and italic styling to MMS messages. We are big believers that these styles can be used effectively to drive engagement and increase donations. Our recommendation is to use these styles to focus attention in a message to the call to action. For example:

You might notice that the bolded font is different from the rest of the message. There are technical reasons for this.

Each phone has a default font to display messages. For iPhone, it is San Francisco and for Android, it is Roboto. When Tatango sends a message to a phone, the text will display in the default font for that phone.

However, for bold and italic, Tatango explicitly directs the phone to display a unicode bold or italic (or both) font. Unfortunately, the available unicode fonts do not match the default phone fonts, which is why stylized text appears in a different font.

That is why messages may appear with different fonts when styles are applied to the text. With current SMS/MMS technology there is no solution to have bold and italic text appear in the same font as the rest of the message.

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