Fundraise Up Integration

Want to sync your Tatango account with Fundraise Up? Let's get started!

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What does the integration do?
The integration will allow Fundraise Up and Tatango users to collect sms opt-ins from Fundraise Up donation pages. These donors that opt-in to receive sms messages will be added to the user's Tatango list and available to send to. Along with the donor contact information we will also capture the donation record data so that users can utilize it when segmenting and personalizing their messages.

How do I set up the integration?
Customers first configure the integration in Tatango by selecting the Tatango list to add donors to and mapping custom fields. They are then presented with a unique callback url that they will use in Fundraise Up. The user then goes into their Fundraise Up account and configures the webhook using the callback url that we provided in the Tatango app. Once configured Tatango will start adding new subscribers in near real-time.

Steps to take:

Log into your Tatango account. Go to My Account -> Integrations

  1. Click on Fundraise Up -> Configure -> Continue

  2. Select your list name you want data to sync with (normally your main list) -> Next

  3. Match Fundraise Up fields to Tatango fields - most common are first/last name, email, and zip code. (Note: You do not need to map the phone number.)

5. Follow the directions on this screen.

A. Copy the unique URL and post in a separate note.

B. Remove "https://" from unique URL

C. Add "trigger+" in front of unique URL

D. Add " after the unique URL

E: See example below for finished product (note: trigger+unique

6. Select finish and the Tatango part is complete!

7. Go to your Fundraise Up account. (note: you must be a Fundraise Up Admin)

8. Click on Exports -> Destinations -> Add a new Destination

9. Name "Tatango", type is "send by email" and add the unique email address you just created (where's your note?), then save changes

10. Click on template -> new template

11. Change name to Tatango, and leave all other fields the same (note: do not save changes yet)

12. Click on File Columns (next to general settings), click apply preset, select Tatango (note: do not save changes yet)

13. Click on Export Schedule, change to create files hourly, check send files to destination and make sure that Tatango is selected. (note: now you can save changes!)

14. That's it! You are done and Fundraise Up will pass data through to Tatango hourly.

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