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How to track donations in Tatango while using Fundraise Up

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What is Donation Tracking?

Donation tracking allows you to easily see the number of donations and total donation amount from your text messages when linking to a FundraiseUp donation form. In addition, doing so unlocks valuable segmenting capabilities such as targeting only donors, donors that donated more than $50 or subscribers that haven't donated in 6 months.

When this feature is enabled, you will see a Donation section in the message report (including Donation Count and Total Donation Amount).

You will also be able to see a Raised column in the Sent Message tab.

How to Enable Donation Tracking

To be able to track donations, your text message link to a FundraiseUp donation form MUST include UTM parameters.

If UTM parameters are included, your text message report will show the number of donations and total donation amount. Note: Tatango and FundraiseUp integrations sync hourly so donation data will be updated hourly in your message report.

If you need assistance building your UTM parameters, you can use these sites:

Final Step to Enable Donation Tracking

  1. Click the Settings tab > General

  2. Under Donation Link Tracking click the Enable Donation Link Tracking radio button

  3. Click Save Changes

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