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After Donation Thank You Message
After Donation Thank You Message
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When you are using your texting program for fundraising, a best practice is to set up a Scheduled Thank You Message that is sent to a subscriber after they donate. Thanking donors is one of the best ways to retain them. Once scheduled, this message will be triggered each time a subscriber donates. Follow these steps to schedule an automatic Thank You message.

** Donation Link Tracking must be enabled in your account to see this choice while scheduling. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you need assistance.

  1. Click on New Message.

  2. Add your copy to the message.

  3. Select Schedule.

  4. Click on the drop down arrow to your left.

  5. Select After Each Donation.

  6. Click on the drop down to the right and choose when you want the message to be sent.

  7. Click Schedule.

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