Tatango allows users to create segments to send messages to specific subscribers. However, if you want to see the number of subscribers in each of your segments, you will need to download your subscriber list.

Select the campaign and click "Manage".

Click Subscribers in the upper right.

If you have never downloaded a subscriber report before, click "Generate Subscriber Export".

If you have previously downloaded a subscriber report, you can either download it again or to get the most up to date version, click "regenerate now".

The file will contain the following information:

  • Mobile phone

  • Carrier

  • Status

  • Subscribed date

  • Unsubscribed date (if applicable)

  • Keyword

  • Messages Received

  • Consecutive Bounced Messages

  • First Name

  • Email address

  • Zip Code

  • Birthdate

  • Gender

  • Tags

  • Birthday

  • Last Name

  • Any defined custom fields

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