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Subscriber Segmentation
Subscriber Segmentation

Send SMS messages to a specific segment of your list subscribers. Learn more about this text message marketing segmentation feature.

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Interested in sending to a specific segment of your subscribers, then this is the feature you've been looking for.

For more detailed instructions for each type of segment, see below.


  1. When creating a scheduled message to either all of your subscribers at the same time, or just to new subscribers after they've opted-in, scroll down the bottom of the page and select Send to Segment.

  2. You'll have two options when segmenting your message, the first being the location of your subscribers (Location is), and the second being the SMS keyword the subscriber used when opting in (Keyword is). If you're going to segment a message based on subscriber's location, if Tatango doesn't have a subscriber's zip code, either collected through a double opt-in, or website integration, we'll use the subscriber's area code to determine their zip code.

  3. Once the segment has been set, you can click the orange Refresh Segment button to determine how many subscribers fall within that specific segment, and how many subscribers will receive your message.

  4. That's it, finish your message as you normally would, then send/schedule/save.

Additional Notes

  • Because a lot of processing goes into calculating what subscribers a certain segment applies to, if you create multiple segments for the same message, your message may send out a few minutes after the scheduled time. This is because Tatango processeses this information the minute a message is scheduled to send, as we want to include all of your subscribers when calculating the size of your segment.

  • If you are unable to access this feature that means you are on a grandfathered account. Please email us to ask about upgrading your account.

  • This feature is not available for lists in Canada, only the United States.

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