Short Code MMS Video Specifications
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For more information on sending MMS messages and formats for images and GIFS, click here.

To create an optimal MMS video follow the steps below:

  1. First, use the animated image format photo below and to choose whether you would like to create a portrait, square, or landscape animated image.

  2. Once you've decided on the video size, use the animated image specifications table below to discover what dimensions you need to create your desired animated image. For example, to create a square video, use the dimensions, 1080px x 1080px.

  3. Then, use the safe zone specification table to make sure your important information won't be cropped when your subscribers receive the video.

  4. Once the image is created, make sure the file format is .MP4 (h264/aac) and less than 20MB.

  5. Test your video before sending it to your list.

Video Format

Video Specifications


Video Dimensions

File Format

File Size



.MP4 (h264/aac)

Less than 20MB



.MP4 (h264/aac)

Less than 20MB



MP4 (h264/aac)

Less than 20MB

Recommended Video Dimensions

Landscape (Horizontal)
1280px by 720px

Portrait (Vertical)
720px by 1280px

Recommended Duration of MMS Videos

Videos 15 seconds and under will be delivered in HD quality to nearly all carriers and most phones.

Videos under 20 seconds will be delivered in HD quality to most carriers and most phones.

Videos over 20 seconds will vary in quality depending on the network and mobile device.

Video FAQ's:

What happens if we exceed file size or limitation?

If you exceed the file size or time limitations above, we may be forced to send your fallback SMS message, with a link to the video, which can be watched in a subscriber's mobile browser. Please always test your video before sending it to your list.

What's the max video size?

Max video size is 20MB, and Tatango will use it's transcoding engine to reduce the file size down to be accepted by wireless carriers.

Why is the file size limited?

Tatango is limited in video file size by the carriers, and each carrier is different, which means the longer the video, the lower the quality potentially since we have to apply more compression. The more movement in the video will lower the quality since it requires a higher bitrate and thus higher file size in less time.

What FPS do you recommend?

We recommend using 30 fps with ~ 2-5Mbps bitrate.

What video length do you recommend?

Speaking & low motion - we recommend under 30 seconds or less.

Music & fast motion - we recommend under 20 seconds or less.

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