Sending an MMS Message

Send MMS messages with images or videos to your SMS list subscribers. Learn more about this text message marketing service from Tatango.

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An MMS message will allow you to send both images and videos to your subscribers. Below are the specifications for uploading images and videos to a message.

For recommended short code MMS sizing specifications, click the links below:

Short Code - Video Specifications
For recommended 10-digit-long-code MMS sizing specifications, click the links below:


Design Services

Part of the service Tatango provides is design services for MMS messages. If you're interested in learning more about this FREE service, please email our Design Team.

Canva Templates

Tatango has developed a few templates that our customers may use to create their own images for use with MMS messages. You will need a account to use the templates. An example:

Subject Line

In addition to either an image or video, you're required to include a subject line for the message, which can be up to 40 characters. The subject line will appear on all modern smartphones and feature phones. On iPhones it is bold and above the content. On android it is also above the content but in brackets <Subject: >

You're also able to include up to 5000 characters of text in the message.

Supported Wireless Carriers:

  • AT&T

  • Sprint

  • Verizon Wireless

  • T-Mobile/MetroPCS (GSM)

  • U.S. Cellular

SMS Fallback Information: Some phones aren't able to receive MMS messages, so in those cases, Tatango will send an SMS message to those phones, with a link to the image or video that they can access via their phone on the mobile web. This link is auto-generated, and reduced the amount of characters for the SMS fallback message from 160 characters to 120 characters.

Send Test: You can send yourself a test message to see how the text will look on your own device. We recommend always testing your message before sending out the MMS.

If you are experiencing any delays receiving your test MMS message, check to see if you are on a VPN (or wifi), and turn it off. Occasionally, this may cause your carrier to not deliver with the appropriate timing. Once it's been turned off, resend the test message, and it should come through.

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