Tatango has a feature that will allow you to send a message to your subscribers at the same time based on their timezone. One of the biggest headaches you may have had is the simple task of sending a morning message. Let's say you want to send a 9am message. It seems simple enough with the Tatango schedule message feature, right? Well, not exactly. The problem is if your account is on East Coast Time and you have subscribers on the West Coast, that means all of your Pacific Time Zone subscribers are going to be getting your message at 6am their time.

To avoid that, use Tatango's Time Zone Segmenting. If you have collected zip codes using Tatango data collection, we will send the message based on the time zone of the zip code. If you have not collected zip codes, no worries! We will use the area code of the number to determine the time zone. Please note that if you send a message at 9AM to an East Coast zip code or area code, that person's phone may be in California, which means they will get the message at 6AM Pacific time.

1) The new message page includes an option to send a scheduled message based on the subscriber's time zone. Best practice is to schedule this at least 24 hours in advance.

2) After opt-in messages can be sent based on the recipient's timezone, as well. Best practice is to schedule this at least 24 hours in advance.

3) You can easily edit a scheduled message and add the Time Zone Segment. Click the Edit button for the desired message.

Once there, simply select "My Subscriber's timezone".


4) Once a message has been scheduled to send with the Time Zone Segmenting feature, you can't un-set it. To un-set it you would need to cancel and re-do the message.

5) If a scheduled message has sent to some timezones not not all, the sent date will display as "In progress..."

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