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Merge Tag - Carrier Code
Merge Tag - Carrier Code

Use the Carrier Code merge tag to pass extra information about subscribers.

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Are you interested in passing additional information about your subscribers, like what mobile phone carrier they're using, in something like a query string within your SMS message? If so, you're in luck as that's what our Carrier Code merge tag does.


  1. When creating a message, select the Carrier Code merge tag in the message.

    1. When someone receives a message with the merge tag {carrier}, it will be replaced with their carrier, so for example, if the user has a T-Mobile subscription, their message will read "T-Mobile" for the tag.

  2. Finish your message as you normally would, then select View Merge Data on the bottom of the message preview to ensure the merge tag works correctly with the flow of the message.

  3. Next make sure to test the message then you can send/schedule/save the message.

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