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New Billing / Invoicing FAQs
New Billing / Invoicing FAQs
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Why are we changing invoicing/billing systems and will there be fees associated with the change?

The new invoice and billing system will provide more transparency to customers and self-service access to the resources they need resulting in a better customer experience. There are no changes in any fees as a result.

When will the change take place?

We began transitioning customers to the new system in January 2024 and this process is expected to continue through April 2024. Customers will receive ongoing updates via the Tatango application and directly from Customer Success.

Will there be any downtime during the switch?

No, there will not be any downtime.

How do I add my payment information to the new system?

For security reasons, customers will need to update their payment method in the new billing system even if they already have a payment method on file.

Steps to add or update your payment method:

  1. Login to Tatango

  2. Go to My Account > Account Settings

  3. Click on Payment Portal. It opens a new window.

  4. In the Billing Information section (private info has been hidden in the screenshot below), click the “Update Information” link.

5. Add your preferred payment method. Note that ACH Transfer is now available as a payment option.

How can I access my latest invoice in the new system?

  1. Login to Tatango

  2. Go to My Account > Account Settings

  3. Click on Subscription. This will display your invoice information.

Who do I contact for more information?

Need help? Your Customer Success manager is available via email or chat.

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