SMS Fallback Messages
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You may have asked yourself, why is the character count for the SMS Fallback only 110 characters. We take those extra characters, normally used to make SMS messages 160 characters, for a link to the MMS content. This results in 110 characters.

Simply put, the SMS Fallback will include a link to your original MMS version of the message.

What is the best way to compose your SMS Fallback message? We suggest you do not include the donation link. We suggest writing a message that intros the “full MMS message”

Here is an example of creating an SMS Fallback message. First create your MMS message and then write your SMS Fallback.

Next, send your message. Here is the original MMS message which includes a subject line, an emoji and image.

Subscribers who cannot receive MMS messages will receive your SMS Fallback message that will appear like this.

When the subscriber clicks on the link in the SMS Fallback message shown above it will appear something like this.

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