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Event Segmentation & Custom Fields
Event Segmentation & Custom Fields

How to create a custom field and segment messaging based on a specific event

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Event based messages are a new date-triggered scheduling option that will allow users to reach attendees before and after specific events, based on creating a custom field that is date & time specific.

Users will be able to choose when the message will be sent

If the date falls outside the timeline of the scheduling setting, the subscriber will be skipped.

How to use the Event feature


  • Create Custom Field with the type selected: datetime

  • Schedule a message with the Event scheduling type:

    • Create a new message.

    • Write your content (We suggest to personalize it with either the event name, date or location)

    • Go to scheduling and select "Event"

    • Choose the message setting: x days before or after the custom field that was created.

    • Select the desired custom field date from the dropdown menu. (CF date time will be organized by order of creation - newest > oldest)

    • Select in the scheduling option - the custom field time (location) and the date your event will take place.

      • This will allow you to see the number of recipients before scheduling your message

      • Limit recipients that have the same date but do not attend to the same event (location)

    • Click "schedule" to set the message to be sent at the specified time.

    • View the scheduled message in the schedule tab, noting the number of recipients in the Recipient column.

Important Notes:

  • If you have an event tomorrow, please avoid using the feature to schedule a message that you would like to go out in the next 12 hours.

  • The recipient list will be calculated and updated every 5 minutes. Keep in mind that only subscribers who meet the criteria (custom field) will be added.

  • Please note that the system will only consider subscribers that match the criteria (added) - not removed or updated. In fact, in this first edition, the system will not remove subscribers if the value in the subscriber profile is removed or updated.

  • Please note that if the date falls outside the timeline of the scheduling setting, the subscriber will be skipped.

  • Users cannot delete custom field date time that is currently being used in messages event-schedule.

  • This feature only takes into account the YYYY-MM-DD not the time. Screenshot here


What happens if I create a custom field for an event but have multiple events at the same time?

We recommend that a Custom Field (datetime) be created for each event so that the system can simply segment with this specific custom field and you will be able to update the content easily. Tip: In your custom field, include date/location, etc. (any specifics to help remind you of that specific event so you do not confuse this custom field with another event happening on the same date.)

What are the requirements?

To be able to use this feature, you will need to have:

  • Custom field of type DateTime already created. Not text or number, but date and time. Any other cf type will not be available for scheduling.

  • Those CFs would need to be populated at the subscriber level. To do this, an import or API push would be needed. See your CSM for details on how to achieve this.

What is the format type of DateTime cF?

MM-DD-YYYY is the ideal format date.

The system will only take into account the date, not the time of the custom field.

This feature only takes into account the YYYY-MM-DD not the time. Screenshot here

What happens to the message if I delete custom fields that are used to schedule a message?

You cannot delete a custom field that is currently being utilized as an event in a message (draft or scheduled). The trash icon will be grayed out.

Can I edit a message that is being scheduled with the specific custom field created?

Yes, you can change a message that has already been scheduled and sent. The modification will only apply to future messages. If you want to change the scheduling or segmentation parameters, we strongly advise you to create a new message.

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