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2022 Election Season Example
2022 Election Season Example
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The election season is heating up fast. We want to make sure we’re keeping you updated on the latest breaking news and developments.

We’re locked in one of the top 2022 election battles here in (DISTRICT/LOCATION), and we're also working to support (PARTY/AFFILIATION) candidates in key competitive races across the state!

Are you on (CANDIDATE)’s text messaging list?

If you’re not on the list but would like to sign up, text EMAIL to (SHORTCODE #)!

You’ll be among the first to receive exclusive updates from (CANDIDATE) and our team. This text program is playing a critical role in our efforts to keep our key supporters in the loop this year.

Please take the opportunity to sign up today. You’ll receive an immediate response prompting you to confirm your place on the list.

Text EMAIL to (SHORTCODE #) to get started!



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