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Stop Policies From a Political Party Example
Stop Policies From a Political Party Example
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** Text EMAIL to (SHORT CODE #)**

Hey %%FirstName%%,

I’m glad to reach you. This is an URGENT message.

As we’ve all seen, (ORGANIZATION/NOUN) is (ISSUE AT HAND).

In recent weeks, the (ADJECTIVE & NOUN) have been engaged in (ISSUE) want to stop (POLITICAL LEANINGS/PARTY) from (VERB AND ISSUE).

That’s why I’m writing today. As we get to work to SAVE our (LOCATION) from the crazy (POLITICAL LEANINGS/PARTY) extreme and radical agenda, we’re going to be relying on our text message program to get out the word on breaking news and action alerts more than ever.

If you’re not signed up yet, please take a moment to do so now.

Simply text EMAIL to (SHORT CODE #) or CLICK HERE (HYPERLINK CLICK TO TEXT LINK) to sign up for text messages >>>

Thank you, as always, for standing with me in the fight to stop the disastrous policies (OPPONENT) and (PRONOUN) Far-(POLITICAL LEANINGS/PARTY) pals are pushing and finish the job to (KEEP/TAKE BACK) (OFFICE) on November (DATE), 2022.

All the best,



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