Short Code MMS Image Specifications
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For more information on sending MMS messages and formats for videos and GIFS, click here.

To create an optimal image follow the steps below:

  1. First, use the image format photo below and to choose whether you would like to create a portrait, square, or landscape MMS image.

  2. Once you've decided on the image size, use the image specifications table below to discover what dimensions you need to create your desired image. For example, to create a square image, use the dimensions, 1080px x 1080px.

  3. Then, use the safe zone specification table to make sure your important information won't be cropped when your subscribers receive the image.

  4. Once the image is created, make sure the file format is .JPG or .WebP and less than 720Kb.

  5. Test your image before sending it to your list.

Image Format

Short Code Image Specifications


Image Dimensions

File Format

File Size



.JPG or .WebP

Less than 720Kb



.JPG or .WebP

Less than 720Kb



.JPG or .WebP

Less than 720Kb

It's important to note that on the iPhone when a static image is delivered, it's shown to the recipient in preview mode. This mode "previews" the image and as a result, crops the image. It's because of this that we recommend that you don't put any "content of interest" in the top, bottom, and side areas as specified above.

Canva Templates

Tatango has developed a few templates that our customers may use to create their own images for use with MMS messages. You will need a account to use the templates.

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