When a customer texts your autoresponder keyword to your short code, it's possible to get an email alert that includes that customer's mobile phone number. These email alerts can either be sent immediately after a customer texts your autoresponder keyword, or can be sent in a daily summary. Below is how to change your autoresponder email notification settings.


When you log into Tatango, the first thing you'll see is your list dashboard, which includes all of your lists. Follow the instructions below to change the email notification settings for a specific autoresponder.

  1. Beneath Lists on the left side of the screen, click Autoresponders.

  2. Once you've done step #1, you'll see all the autoresponder that you currently have. Find the autoresponder you're looking for, and click the button that says Manage.

  3. On the autoresponder dashboard, you'll want to look for your Email Settings. Once you found your email settings, you can change the email, or the type of email notifications you receive. If you want to add more than one email address to receive autoresponder email notifications, simply separate each email address by a comma, and a space. So if you wanted three emails to receive the alerts, it would look like this: derek@tatango.com, ray@tatango.com, joe@tatango.com

  4. When finished, click the green Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

Email Alert Types

  • Daily Summary: Gives you a daily email of all the customers that texted your autoresponder keyword to your short code.

  • As It Happen: You can receive email alerts every time a customer texts your autoresponder keyword to your short code.

Additional Notes

  • If you're looking to change the email address for your entire account, click here.

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