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How do I change my autoresponder message?
How do I change my autoresponder message?

Find your autoresponder message in the Tatango SMS lists dashboard and edit it. Learn more about this text message marketing feature.

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An autoresponder message or response is the text message that customers will get back in return, after they text your autoresponder keyword to your short code. To find your autoresponder response message and edit it, follow the instructions below.


When you log into Tatango, the first thing you'll see is your lists dashboard, which includes all of your lists. Follow the instructions below to find a specific autoresponders response message, and edit it.

  1. Beneath Lists on the left side of the screen, click Autoresponders.

  2. Once you've done step #1, you'll see all the autoresponder that you currently have. Find the autoresponder you're looking for, and click the button that says Manage.

  3. On the autoresponder dashboard, find your Response message, and edit it.

  4. When finished, click the green Save Changes button.

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