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How do I change my autoresponder keyword?
How do I change my autoresponder keyword?

Find your autoresponder keyword in the Tatango SMS lists dashboard and edit it. Learn more about this text message marketing feature.

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An autoresponder keyword is the word that customers will text to your short code for a one time respond but will not be added to the subscriber list. To edit your autoresponder keyword follow the instructions below.


When you log into Tatango, the first thing you'll see is your lists dashboard. Follow the instructions below to find a specific autoresponders keyword, and edit it.

  1. Click on Autoresponders tab to view all autoresponder messages.

  2. Find the autoresponder you're looking for, and click on the Keyword or click the Manage button.

    • If you cannot find it use the Search box.

  3. Update the keyword then click Save Changes.

    • A Keyword can be anywhere between 2 and 15 characters long, but cannot contain any spaces,!,/,$,%, or any other special characters.

Always test the Autoresponder to make sure it is working correctly.

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