If a customer is unable to opt-in to your campaign, we recommend following the steps below to troubleshoot the issue. If a customer has stopped receiving text messages from your campaign, and they've received text messages from your campaign in the past, click here for how we recommend troubleshooting this issue.

1) Double check to make sure the customer is entering the proper SMS keyword and short code into their mobile phone. You'd be surprised how many customers that can't opt-in to a campaign, and we eventually find out this was the issue.

2) See if there's any record of the customer's mobile phone number in your campaign, by searching all different subscriber states (subscribed, cleaned & unsubscribed). To perform a search for a customer's mobile phone number within your campaign, see here. You may find that they are already opted-in to your campaign, and are successfully subscribed, but for some reason they don't think they are.

3) Check to make sure their wireless carrier is supported by Tatango. You can see a full list of wireless carriers that Tatango supports here. If a customer is using a wireless carrier that is not supported by Tatango, they unfortunately won't be able to opt-in to your campaign, and even if Tatango imported their phone number into your campaign, they wouldn't receive any of your messages

4) Test to see if your customer is able to receive short code messages on their mobile phone. These are messages sent to and from 5-6 digit phone numbers. To test, have the customer text the word HELP to 33733.

  • If the customer receives a text message in response from the short code 33733, their mobile phone does support short code messaging. This means this customer's wireless plan does support short code messaging, and most likely means that the customer is not entering the proper SMS keyword and short code into their mobile phone when trying to join your campaign. If this is not the case, it's best to open a support ticket.
  • If the customer does not receive a text message in response from the short code 33733, or the response is some type of error, they'll have to call their wireless phone provider, because they don't have short code messaging activated on their wireless plan. When they talk to their wireless phone provider, they'll want to tell them to enable short code text messaging on their wireless plan, as it's currently disable.
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