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What is a Stop Response?
What is a Stop Response?

Send back a stop response text message to your subscribers. Learn more about the SMS marketing stop response message feature from Tatango.

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This is the message that is sent back to subscribers when they respond to any of your messages with the word STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT. Don't worry, we automatically unsubscribe them from your list when they do this. Below you'll find the required pieces of information that must be in your Help Response message.

  • Business Name (Bob's Burgers)

  • Program Name (Mobile Coupon Program)

  • Confirmation (You've opted-out, and will receive no further messages.)

Bob's Burgers Mobile Coupon Club: You've opted-out, and will receive no further messages.

To set your Stop Response message, click here.

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