Are you interested in personalizing the messages you send to your subscribers by including a subscriber's mobile phone number in the message they receive from you? If so, you're in luck as that's what our phone number merge tag does.


  1. When creating a message, use the merge tag {cphone} in your message.

  2. That's it, finish your message as you normally would, then send/schedule/save.

Additional Notes

  • Need a little more security when passing a mobile phone number as a query string in a URL? You'll want to use {hphone}, which will send phone numbers in an encrypted format. This means that Tatango will display the phone number of the subscriber based on a obfuscation scheme, allowing you to decrypt. By using Tatango's obfuscation scheme, you can send subscribers, instead of In this example, you'd use{hphone} for the encrypted version, and{cphone} for the non-encrypted version. Email your account manager at Tatango to find out how to decrypt Tatango's obfuscation scheme.

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