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Use a zip code merge tag to personalize the messages you send to subscribers. Learn more about the SMS marketing zip code merge tag feature.

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Are you interested in personalizing the messages you send to your subscribers by including their zip code in the messages they receive from you? If so, you're in luck as that's what a zip code merge tag does. To use this feature, it's a good idea that first Tatango has your subscriber's zip codes, and this can only be given to Tatango when subscribers opt-in, either through a double opt-in, or a website integration. If we don't have their zip code, and you use the zip code merge tag, the content of the merge tag will be blank, instead of their actual zip code.

  1. When creating a message, use the Zip Code merge tag. Make sure to set up the fallback to ensure that anyone missing the first name gets the fallback message.

  2. Finish your message as you normally would, then select View Merge Data on the bottom of the message preview to ensure the merge tag works correctly with the flow of the message.

  3. Next make sure to test the message then you can send/schedule/save the message.

Additional Notes

  • Merge tags only work in scheduled messages, not opt-in messages, system messages, etc.

  • Use this link to view more details on how to use merge tags

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