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Importing Subscribers
Importing Subscribers
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If you have a csv of subscribers to import, follow these directions:

  1. Select the List you want to add the subscribers to and select Manage.

  2. Select Subscribers

  3. Select Import

  4. Click orange Import button

  5. Make sure your file is a CSV. If you need a sample file, select Download a "sample import file" which is located under the Requirements box.

  6. Choose your file and select Open.

  7. Click Next

  8. Select Subscribe New Numbers

  9. Select the data you'd like to include by checking/unchecking each box.

  10. Map your data by selecting your property in the dropdown for each field you are mapping.

  11. Check the Confirm box.

  12. Click Finish

  13. File will upload. Large files may take some time.

  14. Click View Report to see how many numbers were imported.

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