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What is Donation Tracking?

By attributing donations to messages, you can easily see the value and performance of your individual text messages. When this feature is enabled, you will see a Donation section in the message report (including Donation Count and Total Donation Amount).

You will also be able to see a Raised column in the Sent Message tab.

The feature will:

  • recognize and story UTM parameters from donation platforms

  • attribute donations originating from donation platform links by capturing the code parameter as refcode in our system

  • recognize UTM parameters and assign them to messages.

Donations can only be attributed to a single message. After the feature is enabled, the system will recognize your UTM/URL parameters and attribute any donation to messages. By default, Tatango will associate the donation with the MOST RECENT message with the matching refcodes. The same applies to donation platforms that use UTM parameters.

WinRed Link Using UTM Parameters

ActBlue Link Using RefCode

How to Enable Donation Tracking

  1. Click the Settings tab > General

  2. Under Donation Link Tracking click the Enable Donation Link Tracking radio button

  3. Click Save Changes

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