NGP VAN / EveryAction Integration

Integrate NGP with Tatango

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Tatango Steps

  1. Navigate to My Account -> Integrations

  2. Click the All Apps tab

  3. Click ‘Configure’ on NGP VAN

  4. The first pop-up allows you to rename the integration if you’d like, with NGP VAN I’d recommend not renaming it. So just click ‘Continue’

  5. Select the list to add new subscribers to from the dropdown

  6. Click Next

  7. Map the NGP VAN fields on the left hand side to the Tatango fields on the right hand side.

Note: Phone number is already captured under the hood

  1. Click Next

  2. Copy the webhook url and paste it into a document or notepad

  1. Next copy out the ID that is between ‘https://’ and ‘ From the example above this would be e2bf710f-c57a-4a38-996a-741cc629bf80

  2. Next add trigger+ to the beginning of the ID you extracted above and add to the end. From the example the email would be

  3. Save the email somewhere safe as you will need it for the steps in NGP VAN / EveryAction

  4. Continue to the NGP VAN / EveryAction steps on the next page

NGP VAN / EveryAction Steps

In the following steps you are creating a scheduled report that pulls the contacts who filled out a form from the prior day and opted in to SMS. This report runs at 1am daily and will be sent to your unique email address from the previous steps. The contacts will be added as subscribers to your Tatango list each day at 12pm.

  1. Login to NGP VAN or EveryAction dashboard

  2. From the Lists section select ‘Create new list’

  3. Click Online Forms

  4. Select Date Range -> In the range of -> Yesterday

  1. Select ‘Save List As’ in the top right corner

  2. Click Saved Search

  1. Name the search (e.g. Tatango Opt-Ins)

  2. Next navigate to Report Manager

  3. Under Default Reports find ‘Phone Number Report’ and select it

  4. Under Applied Filters, click Edit Filters

  5. Select the dropdown that says ‘All Contacts’ and find the saved search we created previously named ‘Tatango Opt-ins’

  1. Under Phone Details -> SMS Opt-In Status, select Opt-In. You can also select Unknown if you collect phone numbers on forms without an opt-in checkbox.

  1. Next click Edit Columns

  2. Deselect ‘Name’ and then select ‘First Name’ & ‘Last Name’

  1. In the top right corner, click Report Actions -> Save As

  2. Name the report (e.g. Tatango Phone Report).

  3. Click ‘Save & Schedule’

  1. Under ‘Email Report To’ add the email address you generated in Tatango

  2. Enter a subject name (e.g. Tatango Phone Report)

  3. Under Schedule Details

    1. Frequency - Daily

    2. Start Date - Today’s date

    3. End Date - 1 Year from today (this is the furthest out you can schedule)

  4. Click Schedule

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