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Advanced A/B Testing Ideas
Advanced A/B Testing Ideas
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Tatango is the only text message marketing platform with true A/B testing, allowing you to test up to 3 different messages to your subscribers to see which one performs best.

A/B testing means that you split up your subscriber database and test different versions of a message to a small subset of that database. You can then figure out which one performs better, and send the better performing message to the remainder of your database.

You have likely already done some A/B testing and are looking for new ways to test your messages. Below we have some higher level A/B Testing ideas you can emulate.

To access this feature: Select List > Settings > A/B Tagging

Tag_A: Includes version 1 of video

Tag_B: Includes version 2 of video

Tag_C: Excludes any video

Tag_D: Send highest performing message

Tag_A & Is Donor is True: Version 1 SMS copy

Tag_B & Is Donor is True: Version 2 SMS copy

Tag_C & Is Donor is True: Version 3 SMS copy

Tag_D & Is Donor is True: Send top performing message

Tag_A: Version 1 SMS copy

Tag_B: Version 2 same SMS copy includes image

Tag_C: Send top performing message

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