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Many believe short code is only for mobilizing your own supporters. That is not the case. You can actually use your short code for persuasion purposes! Read on to learn more.

How It Works: When someone clicks on one of your hyperlinks, it will automatically create a new text message on their mobile phone. That new text message will already have your pre-composed message in the body of the text message. All that users have to do at this point is select the contacts that they want your message to go to, then click send. Have your subscribers share voter guides, campaign websites, news articles and more with their friends and family.

Use the following instructions to utilize Click to Message for your efforts:

  1. Select My Account

  2. Select Click to Message

  3. Select New

  4. Leave "Opt-In Short Code Number" blank

  5. Write the message your campaign is sending to it's supporters. Include a link to your voter guide, campaign website or elsewhere. This is the message your subscribers will send to their friends or family. Write it with a casual tone as seen in the example above.

  6. Name your message in the Link Description

  7. Click Save

  8. Copy the link

  9. Go to your List

  10. Click New Message and create your message to your subscribers (as seen in the first message below).

  11. Paste the link into your message.

  12. Once complete, send this message to your subscribers. That's it!

To access this feature: My Account > Click to Message. If you're logged into your Tatango account, you can click here.

Message to subscribers:

When your subscriber clicks the link in the message, their messaging app opens. Here they add their contacts in the "To:" area and hit send. Their friends and family will receive the message you want to share. The great news is you are only paying for the first send, not the messages sent by your subscribers to their friends and family.

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