End of Month Examples
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Here are a few sample of messages to help you when crafting your EOM messaging effort:



Our FEC Fundraising Deadline is almost here, and (CANDIDATE) needs your help!

(CANDIDATE) is leading the charge to call out & expose the (OPPONENT) for (ISSUE).

Rush a donation NOW to help our efforts: (LINK


(CANDIDATE) here. My team just sent me an update and we need to raise $4,512 before midnight tonight to stay on track before (DAY OF THE WEEK)'s FEC deadline.

Can you do me a favor?

Take 2 min and donate right now. I really appreciate your support! (LINK)


⏰ Time is running OUT!

We only have until TOMORROW MIDNIGHT to raise $15,000.

(LOCATION)'s FUTURE hangs in the balance.

Please can you rush a donation now? (LINK)



Hey, it's (CANDIDATE) again,

I wasn't going to reach out again but my team just sent me our latest fundraising numbers.

We are ONLY $1,055 away from our goal.

Can you donate right now before tonight's FEC deadline? (LINK)

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