Anedot Integration Walkthrough

This article explains how to complete a Tatango/Anedot integration to automatically send new subscribers to your account.

Written by Dakota Fearn
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Note: Anedot is sunsetting their Campaign pages, therefore the integration only is compatible with Action Pages.

Configure the integration in Tatango

  1. From your Tatango account, navigate to My Account -> Integrations.

  2. Select the All Apps tab.

  3. Locate the Anedot card and click 'Configure'

  4. If you'd like, you can rename the App but we recommending just leaving it as 'Anedot' and clicking Continue.

  5. Follow the instructions in the pop-up to select the list to add subscribers to and map Anedot fields to Tatango fields.

  6. At the end you are presented with a webhook url. Copy and paste this into a safe location, you will need it in the steps within Anedot.

Configure Action Pages in Anedot

Note: All of your Action Pages must contain the Mobile Opt In field outlined below

  1. Locate the Action Page you'd like to add the mobile opt-in checkbox to, and click edit in the drop down next to the page name.

  2. From the 'Form' tab, click on 'Edit Form', scroll down and de-select Communication Consent.

  3. Under 'Choose Form', select 'Default' to ensure this is added to all your pages globally.

  4. Next, scroll up to the 'Standard Fields' section and click 'Add a Field'. Choose the 'Selection List' option under 'Custom Fields'.

  5. Fill out the configuration options to match below. Note: The below must match exactly for the integration to properly opt in new subscribers.

    1. Field Label - Mobile Opt In

    2. Help Text - Enter your disclaimer - If you need assistance contact your Customer Success Manager

    3. Internal Name - mobile_opt_in

    4. List Type - Select Radio

    5. List Items - Add Option

    6. Option (copy and paste this into Anedot or the integration will NOT work) - I would like to receive text updates.

      1. If a second "Add an option" line appears, delete it. You only need one List Item.

    7. Click 'Save'

    8. Click 'Publish' in the upper right hand corner.

You can now continue editing your Action Page as you wish. The Mobile Opt In field will now be available each time you click 'Add a Field' by selecting 'Account Fields' from the dropdown.

Configure the webhook integration in Anedot

  1. From your Anedot homepage navigate to Settings and the select Integrations > Directory from the left side of the screen.

  2. Click the blue "New Connection" button.

  3. Click "Webhook - Outgoing" to create the integration. Do not use the Tatango integration as it will not work with the integration you configured in the previous steps.

  4. Select 'Action Pages'.

  5. Fill out the fields as follows

    1. Name - Tatango + today's date (e.g Tatango 5/10/22)

    2. URL - Paste in the webhook url you generated in the previous steps

    3. Action Page - All action pages

    4. Leave Action Page UID's and Template blank

  6. Scroll down and make sure 'Integration Enabled' is checked

  7. Check the box next to 'Donation Completed' - This will send new subscribers from both donation and lead Action Pages.

  8. Select 'Submission Created'.

  9. Click Save

You are now all set! If you'd like to test the integration to ensure it is working properly do so by submitting a form on the Action Page that is correctly configured with the Mobile Opt In checkbox from the previous steps.

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