If you're using WinRed / Revv, you can automatically have any phone numbers entered into your WinRed / Revv forms sent to a designated Tatango list. Follow these steps to get your integration set up.

Step 1

Login to your WinRed / Revv account and go to the Revv portion. You must be in the Revv side of the program to get the integration set up. Once in the Revv side click Utilities —> Integrations —> Plus Button, then click the toggle to turn on the Tatango integration.

*If you do not see the Tatango integration click the chat box in WinRed and ask them to activate it for you. They will activate it then you will be able to see it.

Step 2

Once on the Tatango integration page, enter the following information:

  • Email: Enter a valid email associated with a Tatango account

  • API Key: This should have been provided by the Customer Success Manager. If you need help to find your API Key please visit this page. You should an API assigned for each resource that will use Tatango.

  • Default List ID: You can find this by going to your main list and looking in the URL link for the list ID.

  • Bypass Opt-in Process: Make sure this is checked

  • Bypass Opt-in Response: This should remain unchecked

Once complete click Active and then Save. Do not exit the page as it does take a few moments to process.

Step 3

To verify that the API is set up properly go to your Tatango account to check the API Logs. Go to My Account —> API —> API Logs you should see some attempts on the account for testing. If you do not see this go back to WinRed and click Active & Save again. If you still have issues reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


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