SMS polls are an easy way to find out what customers are thinking. Below are instructions on how to set up an SMS poll.


  1. You need to first think of your SMS Poll question that you want customers to vote on. Once you have your Poll question in mind you then need to create autoresponders for each possible poll option. For example, if you wanted to ask customers what their favorite flavor was, either flavor 1, or flavor 2, you'd create two different autoresponders, the first autoresponder with the keyword FLAVOR1, and the second with the keyword FLAVOR2. Example below.

2. When it's time to calculate the winning option in the poll, log into Tatango, and the first thing you'll see is your campaigns dashboard, which lists all your campaigns. Beneath Campaigns on the left side of the screen, click Autoresponders. On the autoresponder dashboard, you'll be able to easily see which autoresponder received the most votes by looking at the numbers in the recipients column. That's it!

Additional Notes

  • If you want to limit customers to one vote per polling option (autoresponder), select the option within an individual autoresponder to only allow one response per phone number. Once that has been done, click Save Changes.
  • You unfortunately can't limit customers from voting for multiple polling options (autoresponders), but that doesn't mean you can't instruct customers to only vote for one in your advertisement.
  • Responses to autoresponders will result in a message being sent to a customers saying "Sorry, you can not respond to this message."
  • It's possible for customers to respond with either another autoresponder keyword, or even a campaign keyword. When a customer does this, Tatango will respond as normal to either the autoresponder or campaign keyword.
  • Tatango does not offer the option to capture data (name, zip code, email, etc.) with autoresponders, expect in the case of specific integrations with email marketing providers, which you can read about here.
  • Tatango can't transfer customers that have texted an autoresponder keyword to a campaign.

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