When Tatango sends a message to one of your subscribers, the wireless carrier will send Tatango a response code saying what happened with that specific message.

Below are the response codes that Tatango receives from wireless carriers when you send a message to your subscribers. To view the response codes that Tatango receives for a specific message, you'll need to download that sent message's report.

Code Message 

0 Message sent 

1 Processing request 

2 Message received 

3 Message buffered with carrier and waiting for a response 

4 Message delivered 

301 Only one top level request element is permitted 

303 The required version attribute of the request element was notfound in the request 

304 The required protocol attribute of the request element was notfound in the request 

306 The XML POST parameter cannot be empty 

307 The request was an ill-formed XML document 

321 Invalid request version 

322 Invalid request protocol 

323 Invalid request type 

337 Invalid carrier ID value 

339 Invalid destination carrier ID value 

340 Invalid source carrier ID value 

341 Transaction failed; Carrier ID does not exist 

345 Unable to determine carrier ID from destination address 

349 Destination address contains non-numeric characters 

350 A destination address is required 

351 Transaction failed: Invalid destination address value 

352 Invalid destination address country code 

353 Message text or data is required 

354 Message text is not long enough 

355 Message text is too long 

358 Message from is too long 

365 Strict international addressing is enforced, please use acountry code + national number 

366 Invalid message length control option 

367 Invalid source TON value 

368 Invalid source address value 

369 Account not permitted to use an alphanumeric source address 

370 Account not permitted to use a short code source address 

373 Invalid destination TON value 

374 Preview lookup request failed 

375 Source address denied 

376 Account not permitted to use premium billing options 

377 Invalid premium SMS charge type 

378 Invalid premium billing charge amount 

379 Invalid user data header 

380 Invalid data coding scheme 

381 Invalid characters used with selected data coding scheme 

382 Invalid source or destination port 

383 Message data and text attributes cannot be used at same time 

384 Invalid message data 

388 Binary messaging is not supported for this carrier 

390 Must provide a numeric country and network code 

394 Invalid option type for the phone specified 

396 Smart messages cannot use more than 3 messages to transfer 

397 WAP Pushes require the optional URL parameter to be included 

398 WAP Pushes not supported for this type of carrier 

399 Binary data with a User Data Header is not allowed for youraccount 

400 General error occurred while delivering the message to thecarrier 

401 General error occurred while delivering the message to thecarrier 

410 Message recipient not found on carrier 

411 Message recipient not found on carrier 

420 Invalid account ID or account password 

430 Demo or commercial access is required 

431 Invalid Subscriber ID 

432 Account access permanently blocked 

433 Account access denied 

461 Must include source address if premium billing requested 

462 Currency not supported by carrier 

508 Carrier absent subscriber 

509 Carrier delivery failed 

510 Carrier protocol error 

511 Carrier MS not equipped 

512 Carrier unknown SC 

513 Carrier illegal MS 

514 Carrier MS not a subscriber 

525 Carrier system failure. 

540 Invalid Request - 


560 Message recipient not authorized by carrier to receive themessage 

561 Content blocked by carrier 

562 Short code not active 

563 Short code expired 

564 Short code blocked 

565 Reseller address blocked by carrier 

566 Destination address blocked by carrier 

568 Destination address not provisioned for SMS 

569 Destination address suspended by carrier 

570 Invalid charge amount: charge amount not allowed for chargetype 

571 Campaign rejected by carrier 

572 Campaign information is not provisioned for this carrier or isnot active 

573 Short code blocked by subscriber 

574 Subscribers are not allowed to receive or send messages onthis short code. 

575 Account not permitted to submit preview requests 

576 Campaign blocked 

577 US SMS Demo Product required for this short code 

578 Demo product expired 

579 Destination address not provisioned for this demo product 

580 Demo product transaction limit exceeded 

581 Prepaid subscriber out of credits 

582 Managed consent not supported on this carrier 

583 Another premium transaction is pending confirmation on thesame short code and destination address. 

584 PIN expired 

585 PIN verification temporarily blocked for the campaign andphone number 

586 PIN invalid 

587 Conflicting values for managed consent and charge type 

588 Invalid T-Mobile subscriber. Possible causes: out of credits,suspended, content blocked, or not a T-Mobile subscriber 

589 Premium MT expired waiting for confirmation MO from subscriber 

590 Invalid purpose for India SMS 

591 Monthly MT limit exceeded 

592 Your account is not provisioned for international SMS 

800 Invalid number of service elements in request 

801 General error while retrieving the service list 

802 Service ID is required 

803 Invalid service ID since it was null 

810 Failed message delivery 

811 Message Delivery Error: Message expired by carrier 

815 Message Delivery Error - Message submitted to but notacknowledged by carrier 

1000 System error: General error occurred while processing request 

1001 System error: Duplicate Ticket ID 

1010 Temporary system error 

1020 Temporary external system error 

1030 External system error 

2001 Invalid subscription authentication 

2002 Subscriber/account ID has been de-activated 

2003 Subscriber/account ID has been deleted 

2010 General billing error 

2011 Transaction failed: Message delivery expired, no charge wasmade 

2012 Transaction failed: Consumer canceled the transaction 

2013 Message still in process 

2014 Charge failed because the sms message was rejected by thecarrier 

2015 Transaction failed: Wireless subscriber's account isdeactivated 

2016 Unspecified error 

2017 Message has been deleted by carrier 

2018 Subscriber payment method is invalid 

2019 Undeliverable to user 

2020 Transaction failed: Wireless subscriber over spending limit 

2021 Service not available for user 

2022 Transaction failed: Wireless subscriber not eligible forpremium billing: Subscriber setting 

2023 User not found on carrier network 

2024 Transaction failed: Wireless subscriber's account suspended orlocked. 

2025 Transaction failed: Carrier does not support premium billingwith the supplied short code 

2026 Transaction failed: Ineligible product 

2027 Transaction failed: Wireless network operator temporary systemerror 

2028 Wireless subscriber has run out of prepaid credits 

2029 Wireless subscriber not eligible for premium billing: blockedMDN 

2030 Transaction failed: Wireless subscriber not eligible forpremium billing: Reseller 

2031 Short code is currently in test mode, only whitelistedhandsets are permitted 

2032 Short code is not certified on carrier 

2033 Short code not permitted for this carrier or campaign isblocked 

2034 Short code and price point combination is not allowed for thiscarrier 

2035 Transaction failed: Wireless subscriber not found 

2036 Tax failed on transaction 

2037 Transaction failed: Does not meet minimum charge amount 

2038 Transaction failed: Amount exceeds specified maximum 

2039 Advice-of-Charge Timed Out 

2040 Transaction failed: Charge duration exceeded 

2041 Transaction failed: Unable to process request; previousbilling request still being processed; Advice-of-Charge re-sent 

2042 Refund denied: Transaction already refunded 

2043 Request Failed: No transaction found matching provided data 

2044 Invalid URL 

2045 Carrier not supported 

2046 Invalid sessionId 

2047 Invalid ticketid 

2048 Validation Error 

2049 Transaction failed: Request with no associated charge; failedby OpenMarket 

2050 Transaction failed: The transaction has been denied by thecarrier's billing system 

2051 Supplied ticketId is either in a processed state or failedstate 

2052 Transaction failed: Campaign information is not provisionedfor this carrier 

2053 Transaction failed: Advice of charge message exceeded maximumlength 

2054 Transaction failed:Wireless subscriber???s accountclosed 

2056 Transaction failed: Campaign rejected by carrier 

2058 Message text id is null or invalid 

2059 Transaction failed: Initial opt-in keyword rejected by carrier 

2060 Transaction failed: IP from unauthorized location 

2100 Invalid request-- is missing 

2101 Account is not authorized 

2102 Account is not authorized to use short code 

2104 Transaction failed: Refund cannot be processed against afailed charge 

2107 Recurring authorization not found 

2113 Authorization cannot be created with an inactive recurringauthorization 

2114 Authorization not found 

2115 Charge cannot be created with an inactive recurringauthorization 

2116 Charge cannot be created with an inactive authorization 

2117 Authorization expired by paynet 

2118 Cannot have more than one charge against an authorization 

2120 Account does not have permission to refund the charge 

2121 Refund cannot exceed the original transaction amount 

2122 ProgramId is a required field for this carrier 

2123 The carrier does not support refunds to be processed 

2124 The carrier does not support partial refunds 

2125 Refund cannot be processed as it exceeds the allowable timeperiod since the charge 

2126 Carrier information cannot be found from the WAP header 

2146 Transaction cancelled as a result of customer request 

2151 Authorization cannot be canceled as a charge has beenprocessed against it. 

2153 Transaction failed: Another single item purchase transactionis pending confirmation on the same short code and destination address 

3041 Standard rate message blocked by the OpenMarket deactivatednumbers firewall 

3042 Premium rate message blocked by the OpenMarket deactivatednumbers firewall 

4000 Transaction failed: Merchant account not permitted to use thesubscription service 

4001 Short code is not provisioned to use the subscription servicefor this carrier 

4010 Transaction failed: Subscription already exists 

4011 Transaction failed: Unable to process request; previousbilling request still being processed 

4012 Transaction failed: Subscription already exists on carrier;possible phone number change 

4013 Transaction failed: Unable to process request; previousbilling request is pending consumer response 

4020 Transaction failed: Subscription not found 

4021 Transaction failed: Subscription already expired 

4030 Renewal error: subscription already billed for this period 

4031 Renewal error: Subscription renewal status cannot bedetermined 

4032 Renewal error: Subscription already expired 

4033 Subscription successfully cancelled, message delivery failed. 

4035 Renewal Error: Subscription renewal failed by carrier 

4050 Conclude error: subscription already concluded. 

4051 Conclude error: Subscription cannot be concluded while inindeterminate state. 

4052 Transaction failed: Received notification of accountdeactivation; failed by OpenMarket 

4054 Renewal error: Subscription already revoked 

4055 Conclude error: Subscription cannot be concluded while arenewal is pending 

6500 Invalid request - 

6501 Account not enabled for service. 

6502 Invalid request - Invalid phone number 

6503 Unable to determine carrierId 

6504 Carrier not supported 

6505 Phone number not found with carrier 

6509 Invalid request - HTTP method is not allowed. 

6510 Invalid request - Not a valid API version: 

6511 Invalid request - Unsupported query parameter: 

6512 Invalid request - Invalid carrierId 

6513 Invalid request - Invalid types 

6514 No device info found 

6515 Invalid request - Missing types 

6520 Permission denied to external system. 

6522 Response exceeded maximum timeout. 

6524 Account not enabled for infoTypes (list of infoTypes) 

9000 Invalid account ID or password 

9001 Account is not enabled for this service. 

9002 Invalid request content or type 

9003 Invalid request - HTTP method is not allowed. 

9004 Invalid request - Not a valid API version: 

9005 Invalid request - Unsupported query parameter: 

9006 Invalid request: 

9010 Application not found. 

9011 Application Instance is not found. 

9012 Application Instance is not valid. 

9014 Device token is not valid. 

9015 Notification with this ID is not found. 

9016 TicketId is not found. 

9017 Application is disabled. 

9018 Application instance is disabled. 

9019 Application instance ID already exists: 

9020 Registration ID is not valid. 

9021 Message has already expired. 

9024 Destination ID already exists for this application. 

9025 PIN is not valid. It must be a string 8 characters long. 

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