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List Dashboard

Study your SMS marketing data in the Tatango list dashboard. Learn more about this this text message marketing service.

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Your List Dashboard has a lot of valuable information, and below is a summary of what data can be found within the dashboard.


Select the list where the message was sent from that you'd like to view the report for by clicking the Manage button from your lists on the list dashboard.


  1. Active Subscribers: Tells you the total number of active subscribers within your list. These would be considered your Subscribers, as this number doesn't represent Unsubscribed and Cleaned subscribers.

  2. New Subs (30 Days): Tells you the number of subscribers who opt-in to your list over the past 30 days.

  3. Avg Unsub Rate: Tells you the average number of subscribers who opt-out of your list each month. This calculation is done based on the entire lifetime of your list.

  4. Subscriber Growth: This tells you the total amount of active subscribers in your list each month.

  5. Activity Feed: Is a daily feed that tells you the activity going on within your list.

  6. Since Last Message: Tells you how many customers have subscribed or unsubscribed since your last message.

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