Tatango can't technically merge a campaign, as that would require us to combine the subscribers, metrics, messages, keywords, etc. all within one campaign, which is technically a pain in the ass. What we can do however is transfer the subscribers of one campaign into that of another campaign. Before we do this though, there's a few things you have to be aware of.

  1. Tatango will only transfer phone numbers, wireless carriers, and if given to Tatango during the transfer process, the opt-in keyword the phone number used to opt-in to the original campaign. Nothing else will be transferred over to the new campaign, including messaging history for individual subscribers, text message report data, scheduled messages, and overall campaign metrics.
  2. After a transfer of phone numbers has been completed, the original campaign, including the messaging history for individual subscribers, text message report data, scheduled messages, and overall campaign metrics will be permanently deleted.

To transfer phone numbers from one campaign to another, submit a support ticket with the following information.

  • The campaign ID which you'd like to transfer phone numbers to. To find your campaign ID, see here.
  • A file that contains the phone numbers you'd like to transfer. To learn how to export your subscribers, click here. When you export your subscribers, you'll notice that the file will include subscribed phone numbers, in addition to cleaned and unsubscribed phone numbers. Don't worry about that, just send us the entire file and we'll upload just the subscribed phone numbers to your campaign.
  • If you want Tatango to transfer the opt-in keywords associated with each subscriber, you must first add those keywords to the campaign that we're transferring your mobile phone numbers to. To do this, you'll need to delete the keywords from the campaign you're transferring phone numbers from, and add them to the campaign you're transferring phone numbers to. To learn how to add additional keywords to an existing campaign, see here. The reason why you'd want to transfer phone numbers with what keywords they used to opt-in, is if you wanted to send future messages to only phone numbers that used a certain keyword to opt-in to the campaign. To learn more about this feature, click here.

Additional Notes

  • Tatango will not transfer phone numbers from an autoresponder to a campaign, or a campaign to an autoresponder.
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