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This is how to setup your Tatango and HubSpot integration

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What does the integration do?

The integration allows contacts in HubSpot to opt into a specified list in Tatango. This integration is only triggered when your designated "SMS Opt-in" field changes. The primary use case for the integration is to sync over new opt-ins.

What does the integration NOT do?

  • The integration does not trigger on contact updates to fields that are NOT the SMS Opt-in field. Therefore any contact attributes that needs to be updated will need to be updated via an import.

  • Opt-outs are not synced back to HubSpot.

What to do if the integration is missing functionality that you need?

  • Reach out to your customer success manager to discuss possible solutions!

How do I set up the integration?

Prerequisites to configure integration in HubSpot

  1. Create a boolean in HubSpot on the contact object labeled “sms opt-in”.

    1. When that boolean is True ("yes"), it will inform the integration that the contact has opted in to receive text messages. When the field value changes to true, the integration will be triggered to start.

  2. Note any contact fields that you will want to map to Tatango.

    1. For example, first name, last name, email, or any custom fields you'd like to send to Tatango with the contact's phone number.

  3. Ensure that you create automation to trigger the SMS opt-in to be flipped to true ("yes") when a contact has opted in to receive text messages from your organization.

Prerequisites to configure integration in Tatango

  1. Create any custom fields if desired within your account.

    1. Select list > Settings > Custom Fields

Steps to configure integration:

  1. Go to My Account > Integrations > All Apps > HubSpot > Name App.

2. Login to your HubSpot account and allow access.

3. Select the contact record field below that will be used in your HubSpot instance to indicate a record has opted into SMS messages. This is the "sms opt-in" boolean you configured in step 1 of the Steps to configure integration in HubSpot.

3a. Select the contact record field below that will be used as the phone number to subscribe a contact to your list. E.g. Mobile Phone, Cell Phone.

4. Select the list you want to opt subscribers into.

5. Map the incoming HubSpot fields to your Tatango subscriber fields. If you've created custom fields, this is where you map them from HubSpot into Tatango.

6. Select Finish, and your HubSpot+Tatango integration is configured!

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