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Have Classy and want to integrate with Tatango? Here's how...

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What does the integration do?
The integration will allow Classy and Tatango users to collect sms opt-ins from Classy's donation pages. These donors that opt-in to receive sms messages will be added to the user's Tatango list and available to send to. Along with the donor contact information we will also capture the donation record data so that users can utilize it when segmenting and personalizing their messages.

  • In Classy, select Apps & Extensions. Select Classy API.

  • Enter ‘Tatango’ as the name of your application

  • Select ‘Create App’

  • Once completed, you’ll receive a client_id and client_secret. Please copy these down somewhere as you will need them in the next steps in Tatango.

  • In Tatango, select My Account -> Integration

  • Navigate to the All Apps tab

  • Click ‘Configure’ on the Classy card

  • Click next when asked to name your app

  • Click New authentication

  • Enter in the client_id, client_secret, and your Classy organization ID.

    • To find your Classy organization ID, navigate to your Classy Dashboard.

    • You will find the organization ID at the end of the URL. This is a numeric value behind "Admin" and is shown in the screenshot below.

  • Click Next.

  • Select the list you’d like to add subscribers to

  • Map your Classy field to Tatango fields

  • Click Finish

Please reach out to your CSM if you need assistance, or more information! Happy Sending!

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