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Easily configure your ActBlue Integration with your Tatango account

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This process involves configuration in Tatango and then the assistance of ActBlue.

In Tatango App

  1. Navigate to My Account -> Integrations

  2. Click the All Apps tab

  3. Click ‘Configure’ on ActBlue

  4. By default, the integration is named ActBlue. If you would like to rename it, you may, although Tatango recommends NOT renaming it unless it is an additional ActBlue integration. Click ‘Continue’.

  5. Select the list to add new subscribers to from the drop down.

  6. Click Next

  7. Map the ActBlue fields on the left hand side to the Tatango fields on the right hand side. The recommended fields to map are:

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. Email

    4. Zip Code

    5. Note: The mobile phone number is mapped by the default integration.

      ActBlue Field Mapping
  8. Click Next

  9. Copy the webhook URL and put it aside. This will be used for the ActBlue portion of the integration.

ActBlue Assistance

  1. Login to your ActBlue dashboard

  2. Under the ‘Tools’ section, click ‘Webhooks Integrations’

  3. Click ‘Request a new webhook’

  4. For type, select ‘ActBlue Default’

  5. Enter in the required information

    1. We recommend using ‘Tatango’ plus today’s date as the Nickname for the webhook.

    2. Copy and paste the webhook URL from Step 9 above.

    3. For username/password, use your Tatango credentials.

  6. DO NOT BACKFILL - The integration will only add subscribers who’ve donated in the last day. If you need to backfill subscribers, please reach out to your customer success manager directly.

  7. Click ‘Submit Request’

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