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Note: This integration operates under the assumption that you ActionKit pages are configured to collect opt-ins with an optional mobile field and the disclaimer directly underneath. The integration does not validate checkbox opt-ins.

The ActionKit integration allows you to select page type(s) to collect new opt-ins from and add those contacts as subscribers in your Tatango list. By default, the user will be tagged with 'Action Source + [page source]' so you can identify all of the actions each subscriber has taken from the date the integration is enabled moving forward.

For any additional questions and/or help configuring the integration, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact

ActionKit steps:

  1. Login to your ActionKit account

  2. Navigate to Users

  3. Create a new Tatango user with the permissions set to "All Models - View, Edit, and Delete"

    1. See ActionKit's documentation for more details on configuring a user for API access here

  4. Copy down the username and password for the user you created in the previous step as well as the hostname for you ActionKit instance.

    1. The hostname is the domain of the url that you use to login to your ActionKit account. For example, you may login to You just need to copy down "" to use in the Tatango configuration steps.

Tatango steps:

  1. Login to your Tatango account

  2. Navigate to My Account -> Integrations -> All Apps

  3. Click 'Configure' on the ActionKit app

  4. Click 'New authentication' - From here you will be prompted to enter in the username, password, and hostname from the ActionKit steps above. Remember for the hostname do not include the leading https://.

  5. Click 'Next'

  6. On this page, select the ActionKit page type(s) you'd like to collect new opt-ins from. You can select from the following

    1. Petition Actions

    2. Survey Actions

    3. Campaign Volunteer Actions

    4. Sign Up Actions

    5. Event Signup Actions

  7. Click 'Next'

  8. Select the Tatango list to add subscribers to

  9. Click 'Next'

  10. Map the ActionKit user fields to the Tatango subscriber fields here.

  11. Save.

Congrats! You're done.

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