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The Settings tab is all the information for that specific Campaign. This does not get copied over when creating additional campaigns.

General Settings

In this section you will set the general settings for that specific Campaign.

  • Campaign Name - This can be changed at anytime and is only seen by you.

  • Message Volume - This is no longer needed and will be removed in future upgrades.

  • API Confirmation Resend Block Timeout - When an opt-in comes in via API and then the same information is sent again via API. The system will block it for up to 48 hours. So if someone goes in 50 hours after the original submission the confirmation message will send again.

  • Resubscribers - When someone tries to opt-in again that is already opted in they will receive an Already Subscribed message unless you select for them to repeat the opt in process again.

  • Donation Link Tracking - If you have an integration with your donation platform this will be enabled to allow Tatango to pull donation data to be used for segmentation of messages.

  • Email Alerts - You can sign up to get email notifications by adding your email address.

    • Email Daily Digest - this will send you a summary of subscribes and unsubscribes for the day.

    • Email Subscribe Notification - this will send a notification after every opt in.

    • Email Unsubscribe Notification - this will send a notification after every unsubscribe.

If any changes are made to the page you need to click Save Changes.

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