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If you're using WinRed you can automatically have phone numbers entered into your forms sent to a designated Tatango list

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If you're using WinRed, you can automatically have any phone numbers entered into your WinRed forms sent to a designated Tatango list. Follow these steps to get your integration set up.

Step 1 - Tatango

Login to your Tatango account and select My Account —> Integrations —> All Apps —> WinRed and click configure. Name the WinRed app integration - make sure to leave WinRed so everyone knows it is the WinRed integration. Select the list that the subscribers will be placed in from the List in the drop down then click Next.

Now you will select the fields that you want to have in the integration. You will want to Add Fields in order to select the field options. The 4 fields you need to add are the following the click Next:

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Email

  4. Zip Code

Now you will want to copy the URL link that it creates to utilize in the integration on the WinRed side. Then click Finish once you have copied the URL link.

Step 2 - WinRed

Login to your WinRed account and select Utilities —> Integrations then select the green Add Integration button.

Select Webhook under the list of integrations.

*Do not select the Tatango integration.

Once on the Webhook integration page, enter the following information:

  • Integration Name: Enter a name for the integration. We suggest having Tatango in the name somewhere for future reference.

  • Integration Notes: Enter any notes about the integration.

  • Endpoint URL: Add the URL you copied from Tatango to this field.

  • Donation Webhooks: Leave at Yes

  • Donation Events: Make sure they all show as below.

    • Donation Created: Checked

    • Donation Refunded: Unchecked

    • Donation Dispute Lost: Unchecked

  • Donation Filters: None are needed

  • Donation Webhook Fields: All the fields already in the list stay then you need to add the following:

    • Key: page_uid, Value: Page UID

    • Key: page_name, Value: Page Name

    • Key: revv_uid, Value: UID

    • Key: referer, Value: Referer

  • Are you tracking this webhook? No

  • Lead Webhooks: Yes

  • Lead Webhook Fields: All the fields already in the list stay then you need to add the following:

    • Key: referer, Value: Referer

    • Key: source, Value: Source

    • Key: zip, Value: Zip

    • Key: mobile, Value: Number

    • DELETE > Key: Number, Value: Number (if it appears)

  • Integration Status: Active

Once complete click Active and then Save. Do not exit the page as it does take a few moments to process.

Step 3 - Tatango

To verify that the API is set up properly go to your Tatango account to check the API Logs. Go to My Account —> API —> API Logs you should see some attempts on the account for testing. If you do not see this go back to WinRed and click Active & Save again. If you still have issues reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


Learn more about WinRed:

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