When you are collecting donations using ActBlue, it is essential that those donors can subscribe and be added to your Tatango list, in real time!

Tatango is proud to have a comprehensive, free, industry leading integration with ActBlue forms that will easily allow you to collect new subscribers as well as collect valuable information about your subscribers that will allow you to better understand and segment your list.

Setting up your integration:

The first thing you will want to do is start in your Tatango account and go to the custom fields section of your list. Once there, you can create custom fields for any piece of ActBlue data you would like to consume. You do not need to create anything that already exists by default (like firstname, lastname, phonenumber, etc.).

The full list of available ActBlue variables can be found here: https://secure.actblue.com/docs/custom_integrations

Some of the most common you may want to create are:

  • Date of last donation

  • Amount of last donation

  • AB Form name

  • AB Refcode 1

  • AB Refcode 2

  • Most Recent AB number

  • ABX Status

  • Recurring Status

  • Employer

  • Occupation

* Note you will be able to add/subtract/edit custom fields after the integration is set up, so you may skip this step for now!

You can now navigate to integrations.tatango.com (found under Settings --> integrations) and select ActBlue.

Once on the configuration screen, select the Tatango list the subscribers will be added to. This will automatically refresh the page to include the custom fields that you created in the previous step.

Leave the top box unchecked unless you are using the ActBlue opt-in text checkbox.

Make sure the box is unchecked for disabling the confirmation opt-in message. There is almost no reason you would want to check that box, so please speak with your Customer Success Manager before making any changes to this.

Below that, you can check the box disabling the “reply YES” text unless you’d like all your donors to reply “Yes” before they are added.

If you are unsure about which settings are best for your campaign or organization, reach out to your Tatango Customer Success Manager who can help you decide.

After that, just match up the fields one by one. It does not matter if they exactly match (so if your custom field said “Aretheyexpress”, you could match that with “express status” without issue).

When you are done click "Save" which will generate a secure endpoint for you to pass to ActBlue.

Once you have requested the webhook from ActBlue, they will email you when it is activated. The final step is to add the required carrier language. Here's an example email template below.

We also need to include the required carrier language. Can you add this to all our pages:

  1. Text to add under the phone number field: Enter your phone number above to receive text updates. By participating, you agree to the terms & privacy policy for autodialed marketing messages from [Program Name] to the phone number you provide. No consent required to buy. Msg&data rates may apply. 

  2. Please hyperlink the text: terms & privacy policy

  3. Terms URL : [Mobile TC/Privacy URL]

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Tatango Customer Success team.

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