*We highly recommend that you contact your Tatango account manager before implementing the below, as this is a rather complex process.

If you're using ActBlue forms to collect mobile phone numbers, you can use www.zapier.com to add those mobile phone numbers to your Tatango list.

To do this, you must first create an account on Zapier, you can do that here: https://zapier.com/sign-up/ (warning - Zapier is a paid solution, and not part of Tatango)

Once an account is created on Zapier, you'll need to generate a Zapier webhook URL. For more information on how to create a Zapier webhook, see: https://zapier.com/apps/webhook/help

Once your Zapier webhook is created, you'll need to contact your account manager at ActBlue. Your ActBlue account manager will add this webhook URL to be "pinged" whenever a new form submission occurs on ActBlue.

After the Zapier webhook URL has been added to ActBlue, you'll need to create an "Action" in Zapier using the Tatango integration. The "Action" you'll want to use is called "Create Subscriber". More information about our integration with Zapier can be found here: https://zapier.com/apps/tatango/integrations

This action will be to add a new subscriber to a given Tatango list. To create this action, you'll need your Tatango API key, and the "list ID" for where you'd like to store the phone numbers in Tatango. Once that is done, save your Zapier configuration, and mobile phone numbers should flow from ActBlue forms into your given Tatango list.

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