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Mobile Messaging Terms & Conditions and Mobile Messaging Privacy Policy [TEMPLATE]
Mobile Messaging Terms & Conditions and Mobile Messaging Privacy Policy [TEMPLATE]

Check out our mobile messaging terms & conditions, and mobile messaging privacy policy, demonstration template for SMS marketing.

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This is not legal advice. This template is meant for demonstration purposes and is not intended to meet all legal and privacy policy requirements, which are changing regularly and which are unique to each business.It is your company’s obligation to review this policy and ensure that it accurately reflects your policies and procedures, including, but not limited to, your company’s collection and use of personally identifiable information and your company’s processes for opting consumers out of any mobile messaging program. 

THIS TEMPLATE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE (AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS) LEGAL ADVICE. Tatango recommends that you consult with your own legal counsel when reviewing the information below and customize it according to your company, its unique business practices, and its specific data collection practices. TATANGO EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY DUTY TO ADVICE YOU OF CHANGES IN LAW THAT MAY IMPACT THIS TEMPLATE.

For TCPA legal assistance, we recommend contacting Ernesto Mendieta of the TCPA Defense Force, at

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