Recently we launched our new "Click to Message" feature, and while the majority of users use it to opt-in new subscribers, you can also use it to help facilitate someone to share one of your messages with their contacts.

How It Works: When someone clicks on one of your hyperlinks, it will automatically create a new text message on their mobile phone. That new text message will already have your pre-composed message in the body of the text message. All that users have to do at this point is select the contacts that they want your message to go to, then click send.

Use the following instructions for filling in the fields on Click to Message to set it up so that it allows sharing:

  • Opt-In Short Code Number: Leave this field blank, because when someone clicks on one of your links, that person will enter his or her own contacts into the "To:" field of the message.

  • Opt-In Keyword: For this field, input the message that you want your subscribers to share with their own contacts. We recommend keeping this message equal to, or less than 160-characters, because when someone shares a mobile phone message that is over 160-characters via SMS (not iMessage, Android Messaging, RCS, etc.), the message will be sent and received as two SMS messages, each SMS message being 160-characters. So a 250-character will be sent and received as two SMS messages, the first one being 160-characters, and the second one being 90-characters.

To access this feature: My Account > Click to Message. If you're logged into your Tatango account, you can click here.

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