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How do I create an SMS contest?
How do I create an SMS contest?

An SMS contest is the perfect way to build brand loyalty and create customer interaction. Learn how to create an SMS marketing contest.

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Everyone loves to enter contests, and an SMS Contest is the perfect way to build brand loyalty and create customer interaction. Below are instructions on how to set up an SMS contest.


  1. The first step to creating an SMS contest, is to create an autoresponder. For example, if you wanted customers to enter the contest by texting WIN to your short code, you'll create the autoresponder with the keyword "WIN". Your autoresponder response will be the message sent back to customers that enter your contest, after they text your autoresponder keyword to your short code.

  2. When it's time to select a winning phone number, we recommend exporting your autoresponder recipients, then using a tool like this one, where you can copy and paste all the recipients phone numbers into, and select a winning phone number at random. Unfortunately you're unable to use Tatango to message the winner, so this must be done the old fashion way by calling them.

Additional Notes

  • Customers are limited to one one entry, no matter how many times they text your SMS autoresponder.

  • Responses to autoresponders will result in a message being sent to a customers saying "Sorry, you can not respond to this message."

  • It's possible for customers to respond with either another autoresponder keyword, or even a list keyword. When a customer does this, Tatango will respond as normal to either the autoresponder or list keyword.

  • Tatango does not offer the option to capture data (name, zip code, email, etc.) with autoresponders, expect in the case of specific integrations with email marketing providers, which you can read about here.

  • Tatango can't transfer customers that have texted an autoresponder keyword to a list.

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